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DOG’s health and wellness products use organic, all-natural ingredients!
We never use chemicals or artificial ingredients.

health flora dog probiotic powder vital planet

Flora Dog 20 Billion Probiotic Powder


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health flora dog probiotic chewable tablet vital planet

Flora Dog 20 Billion Probiotic Chewable Tablet


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health hip joint dog chewable tablet vital planet

Hip & Joint Chewable Tablet


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health hip joint dog powder vital planet

Hip & Joint Powder


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dog health omega 3 pet soft gel nordic naturals

Omega-3 Pet™


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dog health wound care 8 ounce vetericyn doonlygoodpeffood

Plus Antimicrobial All Animal Wound and Skin Care


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We are focused on the holistic well-being of our pets with products that offer solutions for calming, skin care, flea & tick control, and overall comfort.

D.O.G. is committed to the holistic health and longevity of all dogs!

Committed to the Health of Pets and the Planet

At Do Only Good (D.O.G.) Pet Food, we are committed to the health of pets and the planet. With this in mind, we have meticulously curated health products to offer our customers that we know are safe, effective, and promote the overall well-being of our beloved pets. 

vital planet logo

About Vital Planet

Vital Planet’s sole purpose is to help everyone achieve optimal digestive health for better overall health. Through education and innovative product solutions, our team of natural digestive care experts has helped millions address their occasional gut issues for the last 25 years.

The founder of Vital Planet, Brenda Watson CNC, is an expert in digestive care, and the inspiration behind all product formulations. She’s spent her career carefully listening to issues related to the gut and addressed them through educational lectures, bestselling books, PBS television specials, and social media. 

nordic naturals logo

About Nordic Natural

At Nordic Natural, science is in our company’s DNA. We focus on nutrients that have been proven to be the most beneficial to health.  Leading institutions – including Stanford, UCLA, and Cedar-Sinai Medical center – regularly select Nordic Naturals for their clinical studies because of the proven purity, freshness, and concentrated omega-3 levels in our products.

With over 20 years’ experience making good on the promise of great health, we believe that no challenge is too great. Just as we’re guided by the latest research and technology, we also hold fast to our company’s founding heritage. Both keep us focused on serving generations of healthy people and pets across the globe.


Do Only Good Pet Food contribute 1% of our revenue to Carbon Removal.

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