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Peace of Mind for You and Your Pet

Healthy Nutrition that is responsibly sourced. Our mission is to Do Only Good for your dog’s health and the planet. Do Only Good (D.O.G.) is dedicated to making the best-quality nutritious dog food.

Our Story

Real Fresh Natural Ingredients

D.O.G. proteins are ethically sourced. Our fruits and vegetables are non-GMO and certified for organic use.  What you will never find are antibiotics, artificial colors, or preservatives – we are committed to the holistic health and longevity of all dogs!

Our Ingredients
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Rotational Feeding: Variety = Vitality

All of us enjoy variety in our diets – and so does your pet.  Our formulas allow your dog to rotate between D.O.G. recipes (both kibble and cans) without digestive issues.  Pet professionals agree that rotating your pet’s diet is key to reducing allergies and aiding overall health!

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Sustainable from the Start

Founded on the principles of sustainability, D.O.G. works toward the collaborative goal of aiding the ecosystem through conscientious business practices.  From our biodegradable packaging and sourcing of sustainable ingredients, to our steadfast commitment to public and global good, we continually strive to make a difference.

Single Protein

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Rotational Feeding

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No Preservatives

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Sustainable Packaging

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All Breeds

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Dog Parent Reviews


My Gracie used to have digestive issues, but since a friend recommended D.O.G., they have disappeared! She loves the white fish & chicken; I love that Her food is rotational! Thanks for making such incredible products!

Johnson Family

No more scratching, itching, or licking of paws! D.O.G. products have changed our dogs lives — We are so glad we found this company!

Rob & Nancy

Here’s a picture of Neo and his favorite D.O.G. Certified canned food. We rescued Neo from the animal shelter.  He wouldn’t eat anything until we purchased food from your company. Now he gets very excited at meal time! Thank you for having such a great product to feed our buddy!


I feed both of my dogs Do Only Good Pet Food and they are thriving. I absolutely LOVE this food. The superb quality in the ingredients shows through the overall health of my dogs. They eat the dry food in the morning and the wet food at night. Recently started mixing the pumpkin with electrolytes in as well. We are hooked!


I started my new lab puppy (Shelby) on D.O.G. food as soon as she was weaned, and I am so glad I did! I can rotate her food without digestive issues, and her coat and weight are perfect! Thanks for your great products – I am recommending D.O.G. to all my friends.


William is a rescue, and I have been feeding him D.O.G. exclusively for over a year, and now look at him! His coat is soft and shining! Another reason I chose D.O.G. is because of your sustainable practices. I look for companies who care about the planet, and your biodegradable bags are awesome!

Vanessa & Bill

We just wanted to let you know how much we love D.O.G. Certified dog food. Our dog, Hobie, has been eating D.O.G. Certified food for over 2 years now and loving it! Before that, Hobie was becoming very picky about his food and barely eating what we were feeding him and was often lethargic. We tried several brands and no luck…


I am ordering more D.O.G. products and moving to a monthly subscription. Our pups love your food so much they fight over getting more for each other’s bowls! Love that the food is rotational as well!


My 9 year old Pomeranian, Beary had been feeling ill with tummy issues and despite doctor’s visits and treatment, was losing a great deal of weight. We tried everything and nothing seemed to work until I was recommended your Pumpkin with Electrolyte powder at my local pet store. Not only was Beary excited to eat the mixture, but he has made an impressive recovery. It was truly a joy to find a product that really works and that my pup likes too!


So glad I discovered D.O.G dog food! My dogs love your product and one needs it!


Healthy coats & skin and happy tummies with easily digested proteins – that’s why we feed DOG to our dogs. I wouldn’t feed anything else. You know I love the food because of the high quality and how healthy it keeps my pups in so many ways.


I absolutely LOVE your Pumpkin with Electrolytes! Tried other brands, but did not cure the itching, licking, and bloating – but yours did! Your product is truly a miracle and the bonus is, I only have to use 1 tablespoon a day with my rescue Pitbull Rockstar, which is so much less than the other products!

Tiffany & Victor

Our English Bulldogs bring pure joy to our lives! Last March, we had a terrifying experience with our dog Bentley, who became extremely ill with major digestive issues. Thankfully, we found D.O.G. Pumpkin with Electrolytes at our local pet store. Our dogs are happier and healthier, and we firmly feel this product will add quality years to their lives! Thank you from our hearts Do Only Good – we are forever in debt to you!

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