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Dear Fellow Pet Parent:

Like us, what our dogs eat directly affects their health and longevity.

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Randy Johnson, one of the industry’s foremost pet nutritionists. Together we created Do Only Good (D.O.G.) pet nutrition recipes founded on our philosophy of single-sourced meat and fish proteins, ingredients certified for organic use that promote sustainability and the health of the food chain. 

Please read more to discover the fundamental principles of our products and company.  At D.O.G., we are dedicated to bringing you the best in nature formulated with the best of science. ™

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Rick Pack
Do Only Good Pet Nutrition

Our Mission

At Do Only Good (D.O.G.) Pet, our dogs are part of our families, their health and wellbeing mean everything. Our passion is to provide all dogs with the healthiest treats, supplements and food possible and pet parents with transparent, sustainably sourced ingredients and earth-friendly packaging. Our mission to Do Only Good for dogs’ health and the planet is one we hope you too believe in and will support.

Single Protein

Real Meat and Fish Single Source Protein Diets – raised without antibiotics

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No Preservatives or Additives

Source Verification™ to ensure ingredient transparency


Fruits & Veggies certified for organic use

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Rotational Feeding

Aids overall health; reduces digestive and allergy issues

All Breeds All Stages

Holistic recipes to support your pet’s wellbeing

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Manufactured in the U.S.A.

We make our food in U.S.D.A. inspected kitchens and AAFCO compliant

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Peace of mind for you and your pet

Our Commitment

A cornerstone of Do Only Good (D.O.G.) Pet Food is our commitment to creating super-premium products that combine science and nature, providing your dog with health and longevity.  Our corporate vision is to make constant and conscientious efforts to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

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Bioflex™ Packaging

Not many people realize that it takes the average dog food bag over 100 years to decompose in the landfill. For this reason, D.O.G. chose Bioflex™ packaging.  Our durable and resealable biodegradable bags breakdown in the landfill in a mere 7 years!  By design, these bags create biogas, which can be recaptured and repurposed to fuel homes and businesses, thus lessening harmful effects on the environment.

Our founding principles include sustainability, social equity, and product education.  We work toward the collaborative goal of public and global good.  It is part of our corporate objective to continually strive to make a difference by aiding pets, pet parents, and the ecosystem through conscientious business practices.

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