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retailer three dog bakery encino california

Consider it your very good fortune to enter Three Dog Bakery in Encino.  The first thing to greet you is an amazing aroma of freshly baked goods – so pleasant is the scent that it just simply makes you smile.  Then when you feast your eyes on the wonderous creations on display, and happily, you start reaching for your wallet only to realize that these treats are not for your consumption.

Three Dog Bakery may be a national franchise. Still, the owners of its Encino, California location (Shane and Karen Hoggard) immediately make you feel as comfortable as you would entering the home of a beloved friend.  Their welcoming staff includes their bakery manager, Alyssa, who keeps things humming.  Their assistant manager, Griselda, is a talented artisan who does all the cake decorating.  Three Dog Bakery’s pet pastries use only natural ingredients – no sugar, salt, or butter (but it sure smells like they do!)  Their elegant creations and exceptional attention to detail are why they are number one in cake sales nationwide!

Shane and Karen make it their mission to offer their customers exceptional products, whether their bakery creations, hard goods, or dog food.  They brought in Do Only Good (D.O.G.) Pet Food for several reasons.  They knew that the quality ingredients, innovative and sustainable packaging would resonate with their clientele.  They also appreciated the smaller kibble size and that the proteins are rotational, thus allowing for variety without digestive issues.  Three Dog Bakery is also carrying D.O.G.’s full line of pumpkin supplements.  Shane says, “We appreciate companies who support independent retailers, and we build loyalty with our customers by carrying products of superb quality.”

This couple has three rescue dogs (Bailey, Sherman, and Rosie) who bring happiness to their lives.  They switched all three dogs to D.O.G. products and have been impressed with the improvement in their dog’s overall health, including a dramatic improvement in their gumline and teeth.  Shane reminds us that because our pet’s lives are far too short, it is our job to cherish them. He suggests that “we try to grab one memory every day that we can keep for the rest of our lives.”

Shane notes that he is in the relationship business. “People come in for birthday cakes, but also goodbye cakes when their beloved pet is passing.  Los Angeles is a vast city, but there are pockets of neighborhoods (like here in Encino) where we all take care of one another.  I don’t only get to know my customers, but their extended family as well.  I am grateful and humbled that we make an impact on this community.”  That community also supports Shane and Karen’s favorite charity, Shelter to Soldier (, an organization that pairs rescue dogs with veterans to bring healing and companionship.

Please visit their website or give them a call at (818) 935-6966.  Better still, please stop by their store located at 17301 Ventura Boulevard – be prepared for all your senses to be dazzled!

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