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retailer holistic pet center clackamas oregon

For Judy Hart, nothing is more relaxing than an evening of reading a novel with her beloved cats surrounding her.  She loves J.K. Rowlings, and just as her famous character Harry Potter saves the wizarding world from Lord Voldemort, Judy rescues cats from the streets, providing them a haven. We are not at liberty to tell you just how many cats she has living with her…let’s just say, she is dedicated!

While not devoting her time to fiction or felines, you can find Judy managing a pet store in a suburb of Portland, Oregon.  The Holistic Pet Center is in Clackamas, a county located on the east side of the Willamette River and situated near a freeway and railroad tracks.  The store has been in its strip-mall location since 1988. As Judy puts it, “our store is a destination. Our customers have been coming here for years and tell their friends and neighbors.” The store was owned initially by Chip Sammons, a local who had a celebrated radio show.  Judy began working for Chip in 2010. He sold the store in 2015 to Judy’s sister Jan.  Along with three part-time employees, Judy and her team make it their mission to listen to the needs of their customers and supply them with excellent advice and products, including quality dog food.

When Judy found out that D.O.G. kibble was manufactured by C.J. Foods, she knew it was a product that merited her attention.  Beyond the ingredient panel, Judy understands the importance of packaging and offering her customers value.  “I am big on packaging,” says Judy. “D.O.G. packaging looks attractive, contains quality ingredients and variety.”  To Judy, the array of different proteins, a rotational feeding system, and being line priced, she told us, “you offer quality and variety, making it affordable for our customers.” Her employees have nicknamed D.O.G. ‘the rainbow food’ due to the color story of each protein.  Judy has placed the D.O.G. food near the counter occupying a prominent space for her clientele to discover the brand.

The Holistic Pet Center is located at 15599 SE 82nd Drive in Clackamas. You can reach them by phone at (503) 656-5342 or visit their website at  We strongly recommend a visit to the store, where a Cockapoo named Ellie will provide a warm greeting, and a cat named Olivia currently resides but is need of a good home.  By all means, stop by and meet Judy.  She is a wealth of information about pet nutrition, and if you are a Potterhead, you can always discuss Hogwarts and your respective Patronus.

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