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Elk River, MN – Delano, MN – Loretto, MN

Outside of the metropolitan area of Minneapolis, there are plenty of small towns which occupy a rich history for the good people of Minnesota.  In these towns, there are plenty of classic buildings that need a little TLC and are brought back to life. Enter Mike “Spike” Persons, who founded Spike’s Feed, Seed & Pet Supply in three locations Delano (2011), Loretto (2012), and Elk River (2017) – all of which harken back to yesterday but proudly serve the modern-day needs of their respective communities.

The Delano location is still a functional mill with a staff of about seven people working the mill and helping customers in the store.

The Elk River store was originally a mill built in the 1920s and has undergone significant renovations by Spike and his team.  The project was such a success; it received the Elk River city Beautification Award in 2017 and the Readers Choice Best of the Best Award in 2019.

The shop in Loretto was originally a horse barn. It underwent a painstaking overhauled and converted into a retail establishment.  When you visit, don’t be surprised if you are welcomed by brother and sister dogs – Bo and Stella – or a stray cat named Dolly who decided to put down roots at this location.

It was a pleasure for us to speak with the buyer for Spike’s, Stephanie Archerd, about the history of the three locations, and her passion for educating customers about pet nutrition. When asked why she chose to carry D.O.G pet food, Stephanie told me she was drawn to the company’s commitment to sustainability.  “I really love the biodegradable bags – this is so important.” Stephanie supports companies who value natural and organic ingredients and who “try to help pets and the world.” Stephanie respected the well-constructed resealable bags and encourages customers to keep dog food in the original packaging as it stays fresher longer.  Another feature of D.O.G. products Stephanie appreciated was the food was for all breeds, all stages, and works as a rotational feeding system. She said, “Dogs are a part of your family, don’t be afraid to change things up – give your dog variety – just like you they want to eat different things.”

Stephanie is an animal lover and has two adopted Pitbull mixes; Blaze and Hazel. She stated with a laugh, “I love to adopt dogs that other people are scared of!” Her goal is to open a rescue facility for ‘bully breeds’ within her community.

If you happen to be traveling in the area, we encourage you to visit one (or all three) Spike’s Feed, Seed & Pet Supply:

Elk River: 906 US-10; (763) 241-4930
Delano: 511 Railroad Avenue East; (763) 398-0316
Loretto: 6265 County Road 19; (763) 479-1481

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