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Subject(s): Retailer Spotlight

Picture this: Two teenage boys working at a pet shop when suddenly a pipe bursts flooding the store.  It is the task of these two young men to clean up this watery mess so the store can reopen.  To pass the time, one decides to crank up the tunes on his iPod mostly to the music of the band Strung Out. At that moment, Danny Rosenmann and Rob Minassian began a lifelong friendship over a shared passion for punk rock and pet stores.

Not long after this incident, they both went off to college. Danny was a business major who came from a family of entrepreneurs. Rob got his degree in Political Science, backpacked through Europe knowing that a typical corporate job was not the right fit for him.  In the fall of 2013, the two reconnected. They still shared their love for the same music (avid concertgoers) and the pet industry.  They decided to open a pet store together. Six months later, in March 2014, they launched R&R Pet Lifestyle & Supply in Simi Valley, California – ironically, the home city of their favorite band!

“The choice for our store location was strategic,” said Rob.  “At 25 years old, I was young and fearless!”  Both he and Danny knew they wanted to be next to a hair salon (statistically women do most of the pet food buying) and across the street from a boutique pet store owned by a retail chain. Rob goes on to say, “We knew we wanted a solution-based pet store that would offer great customer service and products the chain store did not carry.”

One of the reasons they brought in D.O.G. Pet Food was due to its exclusivity.  “Our customers value the local aspect of your company,” said Rob.  “Simi Valley is a very loyal community, and they appreciate that local connection.” D.O.G. products offer a rotational feeding system that they advocate because it stimulates a dog’s appetite and minimizes allergies. Rob believes his customers should feed their dogs premium food. As he puts it, “It is important to spend a little bit extra on a balanced diet for your pet. Less money with your vet, more time with your pet!”

Like so many, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused them to adjust how they do business.  The store is still open seven days a week, providing in-store order pick up, curbside service, home delivery, and an online store: Per Rob, “we started the online store to offer as much access and help to our community as possible.” We invite you to check out the online store or give them a call at (805) 210-5262.

After six years in business, their love for punk rock (both sport Stung Out tattoos) and passion for the health of your pets has not changed.  Once this crisis is over, do yourself a favor and visit their store at 2780 Tapo Canyon Road, you’ll be glad you did!

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