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PET WORLD – Natick, MA

Subject(s): Retailer Spotlight

PET WORLD – Natick, MA
1262 Worcester Street, Natick, MA 01760 (508) 653-9221

Some people in this world were destined for their professions.  This certainly seems to be the case for Dan Lavallee, manager of Pet World in Natick, Massachusetts.

From an early age, Dan had a keen interest in animals (especially dogs and birds), which led to his first job in a pet store at fifteen and a half. As he puts it, “that was a long, long time ago,” yet he has remained in this industry and still has a passion for it.

Pet World was established in Natick in 1990 and Dan has been there for the past seventeen years.  He manages a staff of fifteen, many of them longtime employees as well.  Each day at Pet World is different, but their devotion to a wide variety of pets is extensive.  They offer exotic pets (check out the Degus and Sugar Glider) along with a center dedicated to cat adoption.  Since 1992, Pet World has donated space and care in their store where cats can live out their lives until they find the right home. The guardianship of the animals in their store, excellent customer service and offering their customers unique brands from small manufacturers (like D.O.G.) has made their independent pet store a hallmark in Natick, despite being surrounded by chain stores.

This dedication to working with their customers, answering questions, and educating them on pet nutrition is one of the highlights of Dan’s workday.  The reason he decided to carry D.O.G. dog food was multifold.  Dan liked that D.O.G. was a small company and highly recommended by a trusted distributor. He appreciated the ingredient panel as well as the commitment to rotational feeding.  He also knew his customers would value the company’s commitment to sustainability and that the kibble bags were biodegradable.

He notes that when kids come into the store with their parents, they love to see all the animals; however he cautions parents to realize who will be taking care of a pet when it goes home with them. Before getting any pet, Dan highly recommends that “parents do some independent research and that way they will have the best success with the animal they choose. After all, it will now be the pet’s forever home.”

We recommend you bring your kids (and the kid in you) to Pet World located at 1262 Worcester Street in Natick, Massachusetts. You can reach the staff by phone at (508) 653-9221 or visit their extensive  They are open seven days a week, Monday-Saturday 9 am to 9 pm and Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm – you will be glad you did!

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