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Belfair, Port Orchard, and Port Townsend, Washington

Over 20 years ago in picturesque Kitsap county, Randy Maag opened his first Pet Town store in Port Townsend, Washington. Since then two more locations were added, one in Port Orchard and the other in Belfair, where Steve Brown leads a team of six employees as store manager.

Steve did not start in the pet industry.  His previous work included being an on-air personality for a Top 40 station. He confesses, “that job was a lot of fun!” He then owned a marine store which provided experience in retail and customer service. So how did he and his wife Renee (who is the General Manager of all three stores) become passionate about the pet industry? Well, it started with their dogs – two Miniature Schnauzers, who did not live more than eight years due to serious health issues.  Steve realized that their beloved dog’s lives might have been cut short due to the food they had fed them.

Steve began educating himself on pet foods and supplements to instruct his customers.  When it comes to nutrition, he states, “we [humans] have learned to read labels; we need to do the same for our dogs. Love them up and feed them good food.” When asked why he chose to carry D.O.G. pet foods at his store, he trusted the recommendation by his IPS sales representative and met D.O.G.’s founder, Rick Pack, and sensed his passion for dog nutrition. Steve appreciated D.O.G.’s commitment to a rotational feeding system, products made in the United States, and ingredient transparency.

Steve is proud that the staff at all three Pet Town locations are knowledgeable about the products they sell and do an excellent job of communicating with each other and their customers. At Port Orchard, store manager Laura is considered the cat guru. In Belfair, there is a day spa and groomer, and his assistant manager, Jennifer, is adored by every dog that comes into the store. Steve also oversees Pet Town Port Townsend, where his much-loved Terrier, Marty is employed as the ‘official’ customer greeter. The locations are:

Pet Town-Belfair: 31 NE State Route 300; (360) 277-9775

Pet Town-Port Orchard: 1948 SE Lund Ave., #101; (360) 874-1171

Pet Town-Port Townsend: 2427 W. Sims Way; (360) 379-3262

If you are fortunate enough to be in scenic Kitsap County, be sure to stop into one of the three Pet Town stores – tell them Marty (the Terrier) sent you!

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