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26831 Bouquet Canyon Road in Santa Clarita

Although the third largest city in Los Angeles County, the municipality of Santa Clarita (and its surrounding cities) is populated with citizens who have lived there for generations and have worked hard to maintain a small-town feel. These Angelinos have an abiding sense of loyalty to their community, which includes supporting local, long-standing businesses, like Pet Supply Santa Clarita, which has been in business for over twenty years. This commitment to the local, independent retailer was a big reason why this store decided to carry D.O.G. Certified products. Zach Rowbotham, (the store’s manager) stated, “D.O.G.’s exclusivity to independents and the peer-to-peer support is of significant value to a store like ours.”

Zach has been the store manager for the past three years but has worked at the pet shop for the past twelve.  While Zach was studying finance in college, a friend who worked at the store told him there was an opening. Zach thought it would be a great job because it offered him the flexibility to pursue his other interests, which included investment opportunities and being a semi-pro poker player. The success in these areas allowed Zach to travel the world over. However, in 2015, Zach began to see the pet industry as his vocation.

Zach spends part of his day with administrative duties, but also makes time to educate his team, especially on pet nutrition. Moreover, he spends between 10-20 minutes with each customer. His focus is “to convey valuable, factual information to people.  It isn’t about the ‘sale’ but what fits their pet’s needs. It is very fulfilling that I can make a difference in people’s lives when it comes to their animals.” He also finds it rewarding to see how his staff has become a great source of information for their customers. Zach states right now, “the pet industry is laden with misinformation. I would advise pet parents to have a better base of knowledge regarding their pet’s nutrition. Nutrition has a dire effect on a pet’s longevity.”

Pet Supply Santa Clarita is open daily: Monday-Thursday, 9 am-8 pm; Friday, 9 am-7 pm, Saturday, 9 am-6 pm, and Sunday, 10 am-6 pm. The store is located at 26831 Bouquet Canyon Road in Santa Clarita.  Stop by to visit Zach and his crew, or you can reach them at (661) 296-2654 or visit their website at

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