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teresa mistretta breeder spotlight maltese

If you spend any time with Teresa Mistretta, you quickly come to realize you are speaking with someone with a kind and caregiving spirit.  She is a woman who has an honest and abiding concern for the welfare of people and animals.

Teresa ran a daycare center in her beloved Simi Valley for 15 years.  It was through her work there that she adopted her daughter (then age four) who had been in the foster care system.  Since that time, she has been a breeder of Bengal cats and, in 2018, began breeding Maltese dogs.  Why Maltese?  She has a ten-year-old Maltese named Ty, who she describes as “the love of my life.  He goes everywhere with me, and I couldn’t imagine life without him.” Teresa explained that the Maltese are companion animals devoted to their owners.  “It gives me immense joy to hand the puppies over to great families.”

For Teresa, this is not just about business. “I don’t sell the puppies and disappear. I make myself available at any time. I also like to keep my business local and sell to families here in Southern California.”

Her primary focus is to maintain breed standards and have two litters maximum per year.  The Maltese gestation period is about two months, with an average litter being three puppies. Once born, they must be groomed daily to get them accustomed to the process at an early age.  Teresa believes that socialization and healthy nutrition help to make the transition to a new home (which may have other pets) easier.  “I have four dogs and two cats who are all wonderful with the puppies.”

This kind of care includes what her animals eat.  Her local pet store recommended D.O.G. to her.  “I am so glad I found your company!  Ty is a very picky eater, and when he passed up homemade food for your kibble, I knew there was something special about your recipes.” Teresa appreciates that D.O.G. products are super-premium and a local company. “I did my research about you. My dogs enjoy all six varieties, and I can’t say that about any other brand.” She had purchased a premium puppy food for her recent litter, but she said the puppies preferred the D.O.G. by far. Teresa’s last litter produced four puppies, and she recommended the new owners to start the puppies off right by using D.O.G. food.

Teresa says thankfully, “I see a shift away from the old ways of feeding our pets with a new focus on excellent nutrition.  These pets are members of our families, and they deserve the best dog food we can give them because they give us the best of their lives.”  If you are interested in a Maltese dog, please contact Teresa at (805) 304-6198, or check out her Facebook page:

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