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retailer litchfield pet supply connecticut

Bantam, Connecticut

Within the historic town of Litchfield, Connecticut lies the small borough of Bantam. This rural hamlet (with less than 800 residents) has quickly become a favorite spot for weekend trips and summer holidays by New Yorkers. But if one of these New Yorkers asked a local where to buy food for their dog, they would tell them, “go to the hippie store.”

Enter Litchfield Pet Supply and its owner Nancy Stokes who happily embraces the Bantam local’s label ‘hippie.’ She views her place of business as “a ‘health food store’ for pets, not just a pet shop.” She also considers her shop the best gift she ever gave herself; she opened the store on her birthday, October 15th, in 2004.

For almost 15 years, the people of Bantam and surrounding towns have trusted Nancy to impart great advice about pet nutrition and with good reason. Nancy has been an animal lover all her life. Currently, she has four dogs (a few of which come to work with her each day) and three cats although she is allergic to them! Nancy states, “I couldn’t live without animals around me. They are my whole life.”

Although Nancy only feeds raw food to her dogs, she understands that many of her customers prefer to feed their dog’s kibble. For Nancy, D.O.G. kibble “falls in line with my views on excellent dry food, and I love the ingredient list! Most dogs need a rotational feeding system, and D.O.G. products offer this to my customers.”

Litchfield Pet Supply also provides homeopathic remedies such as acupuncture and chiropractic services for pets. Nancy is a firm believer in providing alternative treatments to chemical ones. Her recommendation to pet parents is to “give them good food and exercise and trust your gut. Most importantly, love on your pets.”

You can contact Litchfield Pet Supply at (860) 567-7737 or visit their website at However, we recommend a trip to the store located at 583 Bantam Road because there is always something going on. From being a local hangout to music blasting (tunes from the ’60s, of course) to providing awesome pet products, advice, and nutrition. Let’s say, for Nancy and her team; it’s all about peace, love, and woof!

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