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retailer fur ever grooming westlake village california

A wise man once said, “do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life” – for Angela Marra, this adage holds – she loves being a groomer and a small business owner.  Although her shop, Fur-ever Grooming, has been at its current location since 1976, Angela bought the business in 2011.

Angela did not begin her career as a groomer but as a vet technician.  In 2001, Angela was working for a veterinarian when 9/11 occurred. Due to the tragedy, the groomer in the vet office stopped showing up for work. Angela’s boss suggested that she take over for the groomer, and she found her lifelong calling.  She went to grooming school, and she still has customers who have been with her since the beginning; 18 years and counting. She and her ten employees are looking forward to moving to a larger storefront in their current shopping center. “I believe the larger space will promote less stress on both dogs and people,” she said.

Another reason for the move is Angela’s growing interest in pet nutrition and wanting to strategically bring in lines of dog food she believes will improve the lives of her four-legged customers.  D.O.G. Pet Foods is one such line.  Angela believes pets are our family members, and through personal experience with her pets, she believes they deserve better food. “By giving your pet better nutrition, you may be pleasantly surprised that your dog won’t need their medications anymore.” Angela appreciates that D.O.G. is an ultra-premium food with high-quality ingredients, including prebiotics, which aids in a dog’s digestive health.

Like many, Angela is a busy working mom.  As she puts it, each day starts with “prayer – kids – dogs; my dogs go everywhere with me.” At work, Billy (a Chinese Crested) and Fiona (an Italian Greyhound) are her clients to help train new employees about cutting nails and teeth cleaning. Angela still relishes the challenge of grooming a dog no one else can. She says, “when you look into a dog’s eyes, there is a soul in there – it is a joy to make a dog happy.”

If you live in the Conejo Valley, we invite you to visit Fur-Ever Grooming at 4691 Lakeview Canyon Road in Westlake Village.  They will be moving to their new location a few doors down (4637 Lakeview Canyon Road) within the next month or so.  Please feel free to contact Angela and her excellent team at (818) 597-9858.

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