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The entrepreneurial spirit is not lost on George Vukmirovic, owner of Friends Forever Pet Food located in Kirkland, Washington.

Although George hails from Chicago, it was while he was living in Florida that he owned a variety of small businesses, including a gas station and cleaning company. Along with his wife, Gitana, they made it their mission to start a feral cat catch and release program, which aided over 40 cats within their neighborhood. Their volunteerism brought them into contact with people within the pet industry whose business models would prove inspiring.

After selling his business in 2015, he and his family moved to Washington state for its natural beauty and the abundance of organic produce which fit into their healthy lifestyle.  In 2017, George and Gitana bought an established pet store – Dooley’s Dog House – but decided to change the name and make it their own.  George says, “due to the nature of our business, we wanted to take care of our forever friends.” Thus, the pet store became Friends Forever Pet Food.

A key part of George’s business philosophy is to create a personal bond with his customers. “I want to be a friend of every person who comes in my store,” he says. He believes that a good retailer remembers its customers and makes every effort to build a long relationship, which includes a welcoming small-town atmosphere within the store.

George extends this welcome to new pet food manufacturers, as he is a firm believer in helping small businesses to grow.  He carries the Do Only Good Certified Pet Nutrition (D.O.G.) food line in his store on the recommendation of Keya Khorami, owner of Independent Pet Supply. Also, when George met Rick Pack, Founder/CEO of D.O.G., he appreciated the passion he had for his brand and his commitment to the health and wellbeing of dogs.

At Friends Forever Pet Food, George will be the first to tell you he has specific opinions on pet nutrition and is happy to share his views with customers who ask.  His advice includes that people practice common sense when feeding their pets, and the use of holistic products (without synthetics) such as oils and vitamins can be curative.

When you bring your pet into Friends Forever Pet Food, they are sure to get a treat and you a warm welcome.  Please visit the store at 1421 Market Street, in Kirkland or feel free to call them at (425) 889-2200.

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