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In this month where we as a nation celebrate our pets, no better person is an advocate for rescue animals than Felicia Singer. Both her dog Oliver and cat Siclone were adopted from local southern California shelters. Her greyhound, Song, is a rescued track dog from Mexico, and her treasured dog Neung, spent its first four years at the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand.

Felicia has the joy of bringing her three dogs to work each day at K9s Only, where she is the General Manager of both their Tarzana and Los Angeles locations.  With a staff of 60, these facilities offer daycare, boarding, training, and grooming.  As a lifelong resident of Tarzana, Felicia states that these diverse communities consist of both residents and business owners who support one another. K9s Only clients who often travel use both facilities, as the Los Angeles location is not far from the airport.

The business also has a retail side, offering high-quality products such as leashes, collars, treats, and toys for their four-legged clientele. They do, however, exclusively sell one brand of dog food – Do Only Good. When asked why, D.O.G. pet foods, Felicia stated, “high-quality food makes all the difference for your dog. It improves the quality of their life and health.” Felicia’s dogs suffer from allergies and have, in the past, had weight issues. She is an advocate for natural foods, with single-source proteins which offer a rotational feeding system. Felicia is a strong proponent of educating her staff on pet nutrition, so she asked us at D.O.G. to do on-site training sessions with employees, and we were happy to oblige.

Although the operation of both facilities keeps Felicia busy, it brings her joy to see how much fun all the dogs have throughout the day, and the happiness of the pet parents at pick-up time.

If you are thinking of adopting a pet, Felicia states that being a pet parent is a significant commitment. Doing your research and making sure your choice is a good fit for your lifestyle is key. Felicia believes when someone adopts a pet “you save two lives every time you rescue one because you are now making room for another dog to be rescued.”

If you live in the Los Angeles area and need a great daycare for your dog, visit the K9s Only location in Tarzana at 18603 Topham Street or their West Los Angeles location at 2040 Cotner Avenue. You and your beloved dog will be glad you did.

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