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retailer bare bones dog wash eugene oregon

When you speak with Connie Manning, the owner of Bare Bones Dog Wash, you are immediately struck by her passion for dog nutrition and her devotion to helping her customers and their pets in her beloved hometown of Eugene, Oregon. Connie did not begin as an entrepreneur. She had a thirty-year career in corporate retail and decided she needed a change which included living abroad in Spain for six months. She established Bare Bones’ first location in Eugene in 2002 and opened a second location in 2007. She later sold the first location and now has seven employees who are devoted to serving their pet parent community. Connie focuses on providing her clients with advice on nutrition and supplements for their dogs and cats.

Her zeal about pet nutrition came about due to a word no dog owner wants to hear from their vet – cancer. Connie’s cherished Golden Retriever received this diagnosis which sent Connie on a mission to educate herself on how dog food is made, the quality of its ingredients, and where those ingredients are sourced. Through dedication and strategic changes to her dog’s diet, Connie believes that she cured her dog of the disease. Ever since it has been her life’s work to educate her clients that proper nutrition can drastically change the health of their pets. Needless to say, Connie is discerning about the products she carries in her store including Do Only Good (D.O.G.) Certified Pet Food. When asked why she chose D.O.G., she stated, “I did my research; about both the company and its ingredients. It is extremely important to know where the protein [in dog food] comes from.” Connie appreciated D.O.G.’s ingredient transparency and sees it as a key tool for pet parents.

Over the years, Connie has herself been the pet parent of various breeds and loves them all. As she says, “there are no bad dogs; they are smarter than us.” Currently, she has a Springer Spaniel and an eight-month-old Labrador Retriever who accompany her on walks and while watching television. When asked what one piece of advice she would give to pet parents, she stated her concern for the common dangerous ingredients in pet foods that can inhibit the wellbeing of a dog. Her advice: “read the ingredients label on your dog food; know where the protein comes from.” It is all about improving the life and health of our four-legged friends. We couldn’t agree more.

To meet Connie and her amazing staff, visit her at Bare Bones Dog Wash, 3365 E. Amazon Drive, Eugene, Oregon; or give them a call at (541) 743-8726.

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